Philip Pardey


Philip G. Pardey is Professor of Science and Technology Policy in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota, Director of Global Research Strategy for the College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, and directs the University’s International Science and Technology Practice and Policy (InSTePP) center. Previously he was a senior research fellow at IFPRI, Washington D.C. and ISNAR, The Hague, Netherlands. Philip presently co-directs the University’s GEMS informatics initiative, a joint CFANS-Minnesota Supercomputing Institute venture.

Philip’s career has focused on informing and enabling data driven innovation in the food and agricultural sectors worldwide. His research deals with productivity measurement and assessment (drawing on spatial bio-economic modeling approaches), the finance and conduct of R&D globally, methods for assessing the economic impacts of research, and the economic and policy (especially intellectual property) aspects of genetic resources and the biosciences. Pardey is author of almost 400 books, articles, and papers.

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Philip Pardey